Biztec Australia signs contract with MH Threads.

Biztec Australia recently signed a contract to develop a full scale e-commerce website for MH Threads, a US based online apparel company.

Posted On 1 Nov 2016

Ground-Out-Gloves Goes Live With A Custom-Built E-Commerce Website Delivered By Business Technologies

GROUND OUT GLOVES is located in Louisville, KY and is a family owned business. We build CUSTOM BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL GLOVES. Each of our gloves meets the standard of pro grade 100% steer hide or 'best of the bull' leathers. The quality of the leather makes our gloves more durable and it will not get floppy like other brands. Each glove has a reinforced palm, thumb and pinky.

Posted On 27 Nov 2015

Website revamped for an Australian leather products manufacturer

Business Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. delivers a CMS website for an Australian firm's setup in Fuiji. SLJ (a multinational concern) specializes in manufacturing of products made from Australian sheep skin.

Posted On 19 Jan 2015

Business Technologies providing creative solutions to SAPPHIRE Textile

Business Technologies delivers brochure for country’s largest textile producer

Posted On 5 Jan 2011
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