Implementation of Distributed
Retail ERP System

Case Study of Pharmacy Retail Chain


Pharmagen Healthcare limited, a leading Pharmacy Retail Chain operating in various cities and towns of Pakistan was struggling to operate. Managing huge volumes of data in terms of sale transactions, purchases and inventory was a real challenge for the organization. The other challenges included unwarranted losses due to shrinkage, wastage, poor inventory management and theft.


To overcome the challenges Business Technologies team worked with the client to identify and rectify the problems at hand by introduction of proper workflows to gather and access the data. Real time reporting was also introduced to provide better visibility to the management team. The implement RMS (Retail Management System) provided a very high degree of control, flexibility and automation which translates to savings in both time and money!

Solution Features

  • A centralized data repository which stores data in a structured data model.
  • Alert based reporting capabilities which uses consolidated data from all sources including POS data, stock ledger data, store data, master data etc.
  • Ability to measure metrics & key performance indicators (KPI’s) to prevent shoplifting, inventory loss, pilferage, theft, sales audit mismatch and coupons misuse.
  • Ability to track and manage losses at the store and stock keeping unit (SKU) level.

System Highlights

  • Easy to learn & use
  • Highly secured
  • Quick & effective
  • Saves time & money
  • Manages all the retail operations
  • Manages Purchase orders, Inventory, Returns, Adjustments and Point of Sale
  • Generates extensive Management Reports for Analysis and Decision Making
  • Ability to runs in Centralized (Real Time) and/or Distributed Environment (Offline)



Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Business Head, PHCL

We were hoping to find a customized Retail Management Solution for our Pharmacy Chain in different cities to cater our specific requirements. The system developed by the Business Technologies is up to our expectations and I don’t know how we would run our business today without this software.