Mobility solution for Pharmaceutical Sales Force Management

Case study of mobile (Android) and web (.Net) application development for Pharma Sale Reps

Moringa Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in 2013 as a Private Limited Company in the culturally rich city of Lahore, Pakistan. It was acquired by Pharmagen in 2017, a very well-respected name in the Pharmaceutical sector; the leading producer of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) in Pakistan.

Moringa Pharmaceuticals is a recognized name in Pakistani pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, it’s also recognized for its dedicated team of highly specialized professionals, passion for innovation through R&D and quality healthcare products. Determined to always go beyond its reputation, the recent development of its new high-tech manufacturing and software management wings exaltation is a testimony of continuous efforts by the group to bring Moringa Pharmaceuticals in top pharmaceutical contenders list globally.

The Challenge

Pharmaceutical Sales is a specialized domain; today's pharma sale reps face more challenges than ever before. Sale Reps are the backbone of any pharma company. They play a central role in selling and promoting the products, whether it's gaining access to hard-to-see physicians or selling in a managed environment it’s the Sale Reps that are in the ‘Striker Role’. Thus, the precise utilization of these resources is mandatory. It’s a known fact that top 3% of pharmaceutical companies hold the majority market share because they have perfected the art of sales by induction of right set of innovative sciences

Sale Reps spend most of their work time out of their office, interacting with doctors, chemists and pharmacists attempting to bring new orders for their companies. Hence the requirement was to develop a wide-ranging mobility solution that allows the sale reps to work effectively despite their extensive work movement. Another challenge was to provide real time and complete information to field force while keeping the operating costs at minimal.


Business Technologies developed a comprehensive system comprising of Mobile and Web applications that enabled Moringa Pharmaceuticals team to not only keep track of activities performed by their sales team but also help them to maintain updated database of doctors, chemists and other contacts.System also provides the ability to actively track every Sale Reps visit, with or without District Sale Manager.This information is available in graphical summary form along with detailed reporting information of each visit.

System focuses on three core functional areas:

  1. Field force mobility planning
  2. Execution of planned activities and recording of visit
  3. Evaluation of field force efficiency and effectivenes

High level feature and functionalities of the system are as following:

Instead of creating tedious email-based workflow threads, application provides powerful task-based functionality to plan visits. This empowers the sales team to easily view the calendar with assigned tasks along with information regarding the relevant contact(s).

Tasks Planning and Monitoring
The medical reps (Sale Personal Officer or District Sales Manager) now use the mobile app for their weekly planning and execution activities. While management team (comprising of Sale Manger and Marketing Manager roles) use the web application to view the field force monitoring, the information is available to the management team in the form of real time KPIs along with germane performance indicators and matrixes so that management can go through the actual team’s performance by just glancing through their respective dashboards.

Locations & Presence
This application has also enabled the management team to know exactly where the sale reps are or were, additionally it also provides advance reporting capability to management, on anywhere/anytime biases as the web application is deployed on the cloud and accessible 24/7.


Contacts Management
The system has helped the company to eliminate the paper work completely. Now all the contacts (doctors, chemists and other) information is accessible to users from a centralized database. System users can access the information as per the privileges given to them for accessibility.

Interaction Tracking / Call Logging
In addition to just managing the contacts, the system also helps the sale reps to record the interactions with customers as per the assigned targets.

Easy Management with Web Portal
The Web Portal enables the managers to view, control, monitor, and optimize the sales activities of sales reps. Portal is a window to view real time activities of sales representatives. Furthermore, with advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities it allows the management team to formulate strategies, devise the right policies and optimize sale mechanisms.

Reporting and Analytics
The system generates reports and produce analytics required for informed decision making. These reports help the organization to not only track performance and productivity among the sales teams but it also detects working anomalies.


Web Portal Dashboard

Application provides powerful sales-rep tracking mechanism, using which actual location of the call can be tracked. Location verification tool tags each reps’ location by dropping a pin on the map thus full accountability and productivity is ensured.

System allows management to define the sale targets for every individual team member. This target related information becomes available to every individual team member. The progress and achievement can be tracked against every target using the application.

System provides comprehensive reporting; all the reports can be exported in excel with formulas as well.

System allows management to define the sale targets for every individual team member. This target related information becomes available to every individual team member. The progress and achievement can be tracked against every target using the application.


Dr. Iram Tariq

Marketing Manager
Moringa Pharmaceuticals

“It has been a pleasure working with BIztec team. They developed a Sales App for us that would remove the paperwork and will help us monitor our sales team more effectively and efficiently. Their professionalism in terms of understanding the needs, objectives and requirement is great. What really impressed was the conceptualization of the project. The regular feedback in terms of project’s progress was highly appreciable and helped in making the right decisions at the right time. The team is highly qualified and was able to understand the finer details of our requirements and was ready to finetune it to our preferences. My team and I are really happy with the final product that we have received. There is no doubt that we will be utilizing their expertise in the future as well.

I will highly recommend Biztec team for IT solutions as well as creative designing needs.”