Tightly Coupled & Integrated Sales, CRM
and Inventory System Implementation

Case Study of Mineral Water & Distribution Company

Pharmagen Water – The Pure drinking water - is a joint venture of Pharmagen HealthCare Limited and Acumen Fund.

Acumen fund is an international non-profit venture capital fund that invests patient capital to strengthen and scale businesses effectively serving the poor.

Pharmagen Healthcare Limited has an ambition to provide clean and pure drinking water to the poor people of Pakistan.

The company has sixteen water plants in different areas of Lahore along with vast distribution network for home deliverie


Company needed a state of the art CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software capable of not only managing wide-spread outlets massive transactional data and their respective sales but also for generating automated route plan for delivery management

The software was designed to generate analytical reports for easy decision making by the management team. The software provides the ability to analyze customers’ needs, their respective buying patterns, sale trends, customer segmenting and other important information which ultimately helps in identifying the potential customers, increase sales and improve product positioning in the market


The tailor-built software entails centralizing of client data and processes for staff in sales, marketing, customer service, and executives

The provided solution has enabled the organization to improve customer relationships tremendously by provision of real time factual and historical data. Moreover implemented system has also provided visibility to all staff members with closed-loop relationships and centralized information for sales, marketing and customer service.

At the same time advance reporting and KPIs have given the management team better visibility into operations thus far more control for executing and implementing new plans and strategies

  • Online data input and Reports
  • Multiple Customer attributes
  • LAN and VPN Connectivity
  • Automatic Delivery Routes
  • Multiple Sale Outlets
  • POS Management
  • Role-based software
  • Customers Complaint and Feedback Management
  • Multiple Users Management
  • Product Management
  • Rights Management
  • Multiple pricing
  • Flexible Report Criteria
  • Exportability to Excel Area-wise, Customer-wise, Sales Person-wise, Product-wise Reports


Azeem Shoukat

Water Division Head

Business Technologies software has made us effective beyond our imagination by streamlining our operations and processes. The time and monetary investments were fairly minimal, and the return on training investment was great.