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Case study of Hepatitis Clinic Automation

After Egypt, Pakistan is the second country with highest prevalence of hepatitis in the world. In fact, approximately, every 10th Pakistani is suffering from hepatitis. Over 20 million people in Pakistan are infected with hepatitis B and C virus including around 15 million with C and five million with B and the disease is swelling at an alarming rate. As the disease spread is increasing so is the number of causalities.

Government provides treatment to only 20% of hepatitis patients under Hepatitis Control Program. People struggle to get diagnosed, treatment is very expensive and access to treatment is also not that easy in Pakistan. Pharmagen Pharmaceutical has taken an initiative for betterment of people and treatment of Hepatitis C by providing healthcare facility at local health centers, specifically designed to combat this fatal disease. First clinic is now operational by the name of Hep-C clinic in Hafazabad district.

The Challenge

The manual handling at clinics leads to undue delays in attending patients and tons & tons of files with poor data recording, which ultimately results in loss of record and wastage of time.

Thus with such high number of patients with Hepatitis C it was eminent to design an extremely efficient system that can handle large volume of data and complex clinical workflows.


Business Technologies team collaborated with client to overcome the operational challenges and developed a comprehensive solution comprising of following working component:

  1. Patient Record Management
  2. Medical Record Management
  3. Collection Handling Center
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Analytical Data Collection
  6. Patient Retention & Relation Management
  7. Ultrasound Facility
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Usman Sufi

Managing Director

Business Technologies developed a Clinic Management Solution for us. They played a key role in understanding, refining and optimizing complex operational protocols to deliver a comprehensive, robust and easy to use management system. The management system is a state of the art automated model for providing quality healthcare solutions. Attention to detail is something that I was personally very impressed by while working with their design team. We ended up making significant changes to our initial plan, however, their team was always accommodating and highly motivated to make our experience of working with them the best that it could possibly be. Explain what you need, sit back, relax and let these guys do it for you. They are not just like business associates they are more like partners working day in day out to give you the best value for money. I Look forward to more collaborations with them in the future.