Delivery of Outsourcing Services for Inventory Management System

Case Study of UK based Aviation Support & Equipment Company

Air & Ground supplies and distributes aircraft parts and aviation support equipment across both civil and military sectors. With a comprehensive sourcing system and a vast inventory, they specialize in obsolete and hard to find parts.

Based in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, Air & Ground has many customers from Stockists and Distributors to OEMs and Operators. The company prides its selves on offering outstanding customer service underpinned by their experience and technical expertise in the aviation industry.


Air & Ground outsourced its work to an offshore IT company to reduce cost and enhance operational efficiency but the service provider was not able to understand and deliver as per Air & Ground team’ expectations.

The main challenge was to develop the understanding of the existing code and user requirements but the project, at that time, had No formal documentation furthermore flawed spaghetti coding structure was used without any proper architecture, patterns or practices adaption thus making it extremely diffi- cult to take over the technical aspect of the project.

Redesign of User Interface for the entire application was another challenge. Business Technologies team redesigned the user experience for the application by introduction of new design and by also extending the existing GUI functionality thus making the application more user friendly and customiz- able for end-user needs.

Other challenges included more visibility, more control, more efficiency, more savings and more con- sistent, predictable outcomes for the organization.


Business Technologies team started with application & domain knowledge understanding development, code cleaning & restructuring, UI and UX modification and ultimately successful delivered the assigned work to the organization. The work on the following modules were delivered:


Habib Khan Air & Ground Ltd.

"We are very happy to have Business Technologies as our offshore development partner. Business Technology is an innovative and professional company that has provided Air and Ground Ltd. with valuable software development services. We are very satisfied with our decision to work with Business Technology, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Business Technology is a great company to work with"